LJK International

The education program – LJK – is fully compatible with any other training hairdresser, LJK International will be your best tool to enhance your knowledge and professionalism.

LJK International offers seminars and private lessons for groups of up to 6 participants in fully equipped facilities. We know how hard it is to find free time to improve our training with our busy schedules, that’s why we offer our potential to help those who wish to enjoy the trend in demand with innovative solutions which embrace the tradition of the barber craft.

Barber courses in 5 different languages: Polish, English, Spanish, French and Italian.

LJK International is located in Zielony Dół 1 (Wola Justowska), Kraków – Poland.

WHO IS BEHIND LJK international?

Lord Jack Knife directs the education team LJK, a talented team of professionals with extensive knowledge of haircutting techniques and beard shaving, cosmetology and personal image consulting for men.


Not only will you improve your knowledge of technical barbering, all our students get included in the price of the courses Shuttle Bus Transport, accommodation and Full-Board of meals along their staying at LJK International.


Check our overview for barber courses and choose the one which adapts better to your needs.